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  • Η Σύσταση No R(99) 3, του Συμβουλίου των Υπουργών των Κρατών Μελών , για την Εναρμόνιση των Κανόνων των Ιατροδικαστικών Πράξεων , που Υιοθετήθηκε απο το Συμβούλιο Υπουργών,  στις 2 Φεβρουαρίου 1999, στην 658η Συνεδρίαση.

Recommendation No R(99)3


  • Model Autopsy Protocol United Nations

Protocol (copyright form University of Minnesota)


  • European Treaty series No 80

Agreement on the Transfer of Corpses


  • Guide on Disaster Victim Identification In General Assembly 1997

Disaster Victim Identification Guide


  • Forensic Services Guide United Nations

Forensic services and infrastructure


  • Guide for the Development of Forensic Document Examination Capacity

Guide for the development of forensic document examination capacity


  • Staff Skill Requirements and Equipment Recommendations for Forensic Science Laboratories

Staff skill requirements and equipment recommendations for forensic science laboratories


  • Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on the obligation of States to investigate serious violations of human rights, and the use of forensic genetics

General Assembly (A/HRC/18/25 )


  • Code of Practice for Funeral Workers: managing infection risk and body bagging

Code (Public Health 2001)

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